Bella’s Backpackers Hostel San Ignacio can help you to arrange various tours in the area, so don’t worry about booking anything in advance – we can help you book with our recommended companies who we know and trust.  Bella’s Hostel can also help you plan independent trips to get off the beaten track in Belize and explore more of this beautiful country.


Day Tours from San Ignacio include:

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Sacred Caves:
A spectacular journey into the heart of the caves, where ancient Maya conducted rituals and human sacrifices. Swim, climb and crawl through the caves to reach the huge ‘cathedral’ room where hundreds of mayan artefacts have lain for centuries.  This fascinating tour is a once in a lifetime experience that is not to be missed!

Caracol Mayan Archaeological Site in the Mount Pine Ridge Reserve:
The highest man-made structure in Belize, the Caracol ruins are a spectacular insight into Mayan culture.  Day tours here also include a visit to waterfalls and caves in the reserve.  (It is also possible to visit Caracol & Mountain Pine Ridge independently, ask us for details)

Xunantunich Mayan Archaeological Site:
Tours to Xunantunich by car or by horseback ride can be arranged from San Ignacio, and the nearby town of Benque, or you can take public transport & explore the ruins independently. 

Tikal in Guatemala:
San Ignacio is just 20 minutes from the Guatemala border, so day tours to the magnificent Tikal can be arranged through Bella’s Backpackers Hostel.  Tours usually include transport, border fees (subject to visa restrictions), entry into Tikal and lunch.    

Nature & Birding Tours
Belize has an incredible variety of wildlife & bird species.  Special bird-watching tours can be arranged to Cahal Pech archaeological site, or to the Blue Hole National Park to spot some of Belize’s most beautiful birds including the Belizean national bird, the Keel-Billed Toucan.

Adventure Tours
As well as the ATM Cave Tour, you can also arrange tours to do tubing, canoeing, horseback riding and ziplining in the nearby area to get your adrenaline fix!  Just ask the staff at Bella’s for details on how to book.


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